our mission

Antologia olive oil
is the best choice. Our 6th generation family farm sacrifices production for quality olives to bring you the best from Spain.
We want to help people live better lives by creating delicious, healthy and organic extra virgin olive oil.
I think age is just a number. Join our community to live longer and healthier. "Live better, healthier, live longer".

An olive grove between Cordoba and Subetica in the Andalusia region of Southern Spain. vast olive
Traditional knowledge known only to those who have been involved in olive cultivation for many years in the field, combined with the climate unique to this region, produces high-grade extra virgin olive oil organic.
complete the In addition to this tradition, olive oil made with environmentally friendly manufacturing methods
We take great pride in our organic/organic olive oil and bring it to you.

Low-temperature oil with 0.1% acidity, which is pressed within 1 hour from harvest

At the Anthrodia olive oil farm, harvesting begins two months before the traditional olive harvest season. This is because they are harvested at the optimal time for the fruit to ripen, known as 'embello'. Since the factory is located in the middle of an olive grove, the harvested olives can be immediately pressed within an hour, which prevents the olives from oxidizing and gives them a natural, raw color.

of extra virgin olive oil. By harvesting olives manually called "ordeño", we eliminate inferior olives and ensure constant quality.

Our cold press system produces high polyphenol content virgin olive oil that lasts for 2 years

To get three times more polyphenols than other farms, we cold press our olive oil organic and use cold water instead of hot water to wash our olives. Based on scientific research, filtered olive virgin oil keeps quality for 2 years.